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About Infoconferences

Innovation Info Conferences (IIC) is a world class specialist in organizing academic, scientific, and business conferences, meetings, symposiums and exhibitions in different verticals and horizontals like medical, pharma, engineering, science and technology and business to promote scientific research. Innovation Info aims to schedule its conferences in regions like Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America with the generous support and cooperation from our 300+ editorial board members. All the conference proceedings are published in the special issues of our 42+ Open Access International Journals. IIC events are also collaborated by Royal Authors. IIC's research conferences are designed to inspire, innovate, recognize and share knowledge. At Innovation Info Conferences researchers, academics, scholars and students exchange, reflect and share new ideas, research concepts and solutions adopted. Our aim is to create such a platform for the learners, scientists, researchers and other science-aspirants which can help in exploring the innovations in the area of research. Our aim to put together the effective strategic areas and latest technologies for enhancing exchange of information and ideas for upgrading the awareness.

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Innovation Info Conferences is one of the most trusted Conference Organiser which value free circulation of the scientific knowledge for the sake of the development or enhancement of the scientific perceptions, ideologies, or formative notions etc in the heart of the science across the world.


300+ editorial board members, 42+ Leading-edge Peer Reviewed Open Access Journals, 41+ Day Rapid Review Process, High standard scholarly peer review and publication process.


IIC encourages individuals to work together to achieve defined and specific goal by relying on openness and knowledge sharing. We aim to provide platform for associations and collaborations to serve the common purpose.

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